Office of International Affairs (OIA)

  • Functions of ULAB OIA


    The Office of International Affairs (OIA) at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) oversees and manages all international activities and serves as a central support and information center. The office is responsible for developing, expanding and managing of international exchange agreements along with participation in international forums and other joint-cooperation with partners all around the world. The ULAB OIA also collaborates with international partners to promote and facilitate international academic programs and initiatives, celebrate diversity, and create opportunities for all stakeholders.

    ULAB OIA advises and takes care of international students and visiting scholars. In addition, the office offers support to students and academics at ULAB who are in the process of planning and preparing of study/internship abroad.

    Functions of ULAB OIA

    • Development of international relations
    • Recruitment of international students
    • Research and academic partnerships
    • Students, staff and scholars exchange programs and

    Joint research, scholarly collaboration



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